lit mural montréal
lit mural montréal

Transform your storage unit into a wall bed

When space is of great importance


Wall bed is the best solution

  • Need room

  • Short on space

Made to mesure , we have an incredible choice of different colors !!

Yes we build your wall bed in front of you and made to mesure !! And we also build different corner units

  • Bookcases

  • Storage units

  • Hutches

  • Desks and a lot more

Lit escamotable, réalisation sur mesure comme toujours

Personalize design

Montreal wall bed is a quebec companie in full evolution , which prioritize the longevity of our products and the respect of the environment. Montreal wall bed is well known for

The conceptions of personnalize projects and the best quality of our products

Mécanisme lit mural

Choice of multiple different mecanisms

Depending on the choice of wall bed that you opt for , we carry different mechanisms , we can build a lateral ( horizontal) wall bed or the most popular choice is the vertical

Possibility of locking the wall bed

Lit mural sur mesure

Exact dimensions

For a better result , we can go and mesure on place to have the exact dimension.

Vertical or lateral wall bed

The vertical wall bed allows  you to have acces on both side of the bed. Because you have the options of different mechanism (each mechanism have their own specific dimension)

For the italien mechanism :

  • The dimensions are for a single : 16’’ x 45’’ x 81’’ ( projection is 86’’)
  • The dimension are for a double : 16’’ x 60’’ x 81’’ ( projection is 86’’)
  • The dimension are for a queen : 16’’ x 66 ‘’ x 86’’ ( projection is 91’’)

For the german mechanism:

  • The dimensions are for a single  : 16’’ x 45’’ x 82’’ ( projection is 87’’)
  • The dimension are for a double : 16’’  x 60’’ x 82’’ ( projection is 87’’)
  • The dimension are for a queen : 16’’ x 66 ‘’ x 87’’ ( projection is 93’’)

For a piston mechanism with a metal frame with europeen slats :

  • The dimensions are for a single  : 17’’ x 43 ’’ x  79’’ ( projection is 83’’)
  • The dimension are for a double : 17’’  x 58 1/2’’ x 79 ’’ ( projection is 83’’)
  • The dimension are for a queen : 17’’ x 64  ‘’ x 84 ’’ ( projection is 88’’)

We also offer other type of mechanism like with an   cielo mechanism , stella mechanism ect...

The depth for the side units would be 16’’ depending of your choice of mechanism.

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lit mural tablette ferme
Lit mural demi ouvert
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Lit mural demi ouvert
lit mural
Notre usine de lit mural

Our manufacturing plant

We manufacture our products as per your requirements in a reasonnable time period

1 to 3 weeks to  manufacture and delivery and installation

There’s no reason not to transform a room  into  a multi function settings

Notre salle de montre de lit mural

Show room

More than 1000 colors to choose from

For our customers that loves different materiels we can offer you

Natural wood birch veneer (not stained and not varnish)

We can also order polymer doors or thermoplastic doors


manufacturier de lit mural

No intermediaire

One price ,

A price of the manufacturing (?)

We have the best prices for the best quality

A product of great quality made in quebec

  • The best place to go for a customized wall bed
  • A quality product made in Quebec

Your choice is made

Please contact us to have more information or to come and visit to get a quotation.


 phone: 9am to 9pm
We are happy to serve you!

You can add storage units to your wall bed

  • Drawers
  • Filing cabinets
  • Desks
  • Bookcases
  • Hutches


New showroom hours

Monday to Friday: 10h00 @ 16h00
Saturday: 10h00 @ 16h00
Sunday: Closed

Phone: 514-242-1131
9h00 @ 21h00

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